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Wellness Packages

Enhance Your Luxury Retreat Experience
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Wellness Packages

To start the guest experience with a sense of relaxation, all of our pricing includes three meals at our restaurant, Boca Dulce. ​Our wellness packages and retreat experiences are designed for transformational results.  Whether you are simply visiting to feel the vibrational healing of the Crystal Quartz Mountain, engage in a delicious healthy gastronomical experience, move deeper into your yoga practice, get back into nature by connecting on hikes through deep lush tropical mountains, or you wish to dive deeper into to detox, healing, fat burning, Ayurveda balancing or even reconnection with a loved one, The Retreat Costa Rica offers a package to meet your goals.   
These signature programs are results driven and have changed the lives of guests from around the world in ways that not only improve their lives, but the lives of those around them. Each addresses specific goals related to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual renewal. 

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Ayurveda Balancing

Our 8 day / 7 night Ayurvedic Balancing Package is a customized and guided journey through the balancing and recreation of your true self. By following your dosha pathway through meditation, yoga, diet and specified herbal, oil, heat and water treatments to maximize weight balance, mind relaxation, spirit and energy rejuvenation and muscular body release. This is a reset to balance and restore your optimal health

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Emotional Healing & Recovery

Letting go and releasing the emotional traumas and stresses of life- recovering from difficult times and finding a renewed sense of life expansion and desire are cornerstone to longevity and happiness. 

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Fitness Reboot & Fat Burning

The 8 day / 7 night fitness reboot is a results driven program designed for optimal fat loss and muscle building. Not only will you look and feel better, you will build strength and stamina for long-term results. Our program is designed to empower for continued health goals. Our staff trainer is globally recognized and works with you to customize your daily routine.

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Five Senses Package

The Retreat Costa Rica Explores the Five Senses this Year to celebrate its Five-Year Anniversary – a 6 Days / 5 nights package exploring taste, touch, sight, sound and smell” 

Reconnecting with nature and all its glorious senses is a beautiful healing experience, where one discovers new vibrations and sensations throughout one’s energy field.

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Luxury Spa Healing and Beautifying

Our 8 day / 7 night Healing and Beautifying package consists of our anti-inflammatory diet with an emphasis on detoxifying foods, along with a customized luxury spa plan to help reduce inflammation, increase oxygen and blood flow, relax and soothe sore muscle tension, alleviate signs of aging, and reduce overall stress. It would be appropriate to call this a beautifying package as it will stimulate cell growth and renewal, reduce toxicity and create a natural young and healthy glow.

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Immersive Wellness Program

Being cared for in an environment where you don’t have to think about anything is enough to be excited about this package. It is also the best way for you to experience everything The Retreat has to offer, from the amazing food, the body movement classes, the crystal mountain hikes, the chefs lessons, and of course the hands on healing. Diana Stobo, The Retreat founder and owner is a wellness expert and author of fifteen books. Her successful guide to being your best self lies in these principles; A delicious anti-inflammatory diet, gentle movement with just enough challenge for most fitness levels, mental and emotional support, human connection, cultural involvement, education and empowerment not to mention relaxation and lots of fun.

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The Naked Challenge Signature Detox

The Naked Challenge Signature Detox was developed by Detox expert and Retreat owner Diana Stobo. She has helped to heal many people of ailments, lose weight, recover from addictions and surgeries, as well as clear up skin issues, and rid body of unsightly cellulite. Based on the average results of thousands of clients, we recommend the Naked Challenge to “Lose 10 lbs in 10 days”.

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The Signature Wellness Journey for Whole Mind-Body Health

Roam through rolling hills and climb quartz crystal mountains to arrive at a haven for holistic healing — The Retreat Costa Rica. Overlooking flourishing forests and vast valleys. The Retreat offers a remarkable refuge from the overwhelm of contemporary life. Embark on an enlightening journey to reconnect with yourself and reunite with the natural world for essential well-being.

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