A handful of coffee beans & flowers at Retreat Costa Rica

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

The Retreat Costa Rica believes it is not only a responsibility but a pleasure to commit to sustainability and social consciousness. Through the local community, guests and operational protocols, The Retreat has established some concrete actions to respect the environment and make a positive impact on all that surrounds it including: 

  • Chemical free spa treatments freshly made with organic products 
  • Locally sourced fish and meat for the restaurant 
  • Employment policy that states 90% of the employees are from the local community; The Retreat provides a training program for staff and hires based on heart, attitude and desire to learn 
  • Excursions that benefit the local community including farmers market, coffee tour, animal rescue center and cultural tourism 
  • Regular cleaning days of the forest and river 
  • Responsible buying policy favoring local business owners 
  • Organic farm-to-table restaurant concept, daily menu with the available and seasonal products 
  • Recycling program with the municipality 
  • A composting facility on the property 
  • Energy and water saving programs and regular monitoring 
  • Biodegradable products used in the laundry and housekeeping 
  • Organic products used for fumigation 
  • Organic locally homemade bug repellents 
  • Reforestation program on the farm 
  • Active code of ethics program 
  • Non-exploitation of children or social discriminations 
  • Employees encouragement to make social assistance, which brings annual help to chosen institutions​.