Woman meditating with mountain view at Retreat Costa Rica

Immersive Wellness

A Retreat Experience - 3-night minimum


Designed to nurture weary guests seeking respite, this package offers a tranquil escape into well-being and nature - an opportunity to unwind, recharge and reconnect. Immerse yourself in an experience that effortlessly guides you toward wellness, enabling your body to release toxins and replenish with nourishing, flavorful and organic cuisine.

Who is the package for:

For men and women who desire to rejuvenate in every way.


Key Benefits:

  • Overall stress reduction
  • Mind and body detox
  • Reduce inflammation.
  • Positive energy renewal
  • Reconnect with nature
  • Create mental, physical, and emotional balance
  • Wellness education
  • Build a new homeostasis.



  • Welcome tour of The Retreat with an explanation of offerings
  • Curated wellness diet to reduce oxidative and digestive stress.


Physical and mental exercises to increase circulation, and energy balance.

  • Morning and afternoon movement, meditation, and yoga practice to help stretch fascia, ignite lymphatic flow, and reduce inflammation. 
  • Self-guided mountain exploration to ground, tone muscles and absorb negative ions


Healing spa service for stress relief and transformation:

  • Heaven on Earth – 60-minute massage per stay thoughtfully designed to harmonize your mind and body, offering profound relaxation while stimulating the lymphatic system to kickstart the detoxification process, releasing accumulated toxins.


Education and Tools for Continued Balance Success:

  • Wellness Cooking Class - Experience a tailored 45-minute culinary session in the heart of our kitchen, where you'll master the art of crafting delectable, anti-inflammatory dishes, empowering yourself with the knowledge to nourish your body with wholesome, health-boosting foods.


Recommended and available upon request:

  • Introspective Workshops - a collection of one-on-one introspective workshops designed to further support mental well-being. More details here.