Woman enjoying in a bath tub at Retreat Costa Rica

Enhance Your Experience With a 7-Night Luxury Spa Healing And Beautifying Retreat In Costa Rica

Refresh your body, reduce wrinkles, and sparkle brighter. The Luxury Spa Healing & Beautifying program is designed for the pampering you deserve. Reduce inflammation in the food, moving the body, expressing fluid from the lymphatic system. This 8 day/7 night experience reduces inflammation, increases oxygen and blood flow, and relaxes and soothes sore muscle tension. Plus, enjoy additional results like reversing the signs of aging and reducing overall stress. Relax your way back to inner and outer beauty. 


  • Anti-inflammatory Organic Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner 
  • 3 Infrared Sauna Treatments for stimulating lymphatic and healing tissue – 25 minutes 
  • 1 Ayurveda Restoring Facial – 50 minutes 
  • 1 Royal Facial - 60 minutes  
  • 1 Transformation and Acceptance Body Treatment – 60 minutes 
  • 1 Hands-off Reiki Energy and Chakra balancing Therapy – 60 minutes 
  • 1 Heaven on Earth Massage – 60 minutes 
  • 1 Heart Opening Deep Tissue Massage – 60 minutes 
  • 1 Gentle Release – Lymphatic Drainage Massage – 60 minutes 
  • Access to Vida Mia Healing Center and Spa 
  • Customized Spa Itinerary 
  • Fitness Studio 
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi 
  • Laundry service available
  • Welcome in room amenity 

Complimentary activities during your stay:

  • Auto-guided hike for detoxing and cleansing the lymphatic system. 
  • Morning & Afternoon practice (movement, meditation or yoga) to help stretch fibrotic tissues and release toxins

*Kindly note that the complimentary activities are available according to the schedule on your personalized itinerary.