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Lose 10 lbs. in 10 days and feel better than ever with our Signature Detox program.


Discover the transformative Naked Challenge Signature Detox, crafted by renowned detox expert and retreat owner Diana Stobo. With a wealth of experience in guiding individuals to overcome ailments, achieve weight loss, recover from addictions and surgeries, and resolve skin concerns, Diana's method has empowered countless clients. Diana advocates for the 10-day duration, ensuring a thorough detox experience and imparting knowledge for enduring impactful results.

The Naked Challenge goes beyond weight loss – it helps to purify the blood, rejuvenate the skin, and support the cleansing of vital organs including the intestines, colon, gallbladder, liver, and kidneys. Moreover, it addresses concerns such as parasites, candida, hypoglycemia, and diabetes, and aids in combating challenges such as addiction, arthritis, allergies, heavy metal buildup, and cellulite.

This detox journey is tailor-made for each individual. Our chef engages with guests beforehand, providing dietary guidelines for the five days preceding check-in and accommodating any dietary restrictions or allergies. This time is exclusively dedicated to your wellness journey.

Who is the package for?

For those seeking rapid weight loss, a comprehensive body detox, the eradication of toxic habits, and the acquisition of skills for embracing a healthier.


Key Benefits:

  • Weight loss
  • Mind and body detox
  • Reduce overall stress.
  • Purify both organs and bloodstream.
  • Renew positive energy.
  • Glowing skin
  • Reduce cellulite.
  • Reduce cortisol / balance blood sugar.
  • Build a new homeostasis.
  • Assist in overcoming dependencies on certain foods.



  • 30-minute Welcome Orientation to discuss goals.
  • Daily Check-ins.
  • Curated wellness diet to reduce oxidative and digestive stress, detox the mind and body.


Physical and mental exercises to increase circulation, and energy balance.

  • Morning and afternoon movement, meditation, and yoga practice to help stretch fascia, ignite lymphatic flow, and reduce inflammation.
  • Self-guided mountain exploration to ground, tone muscles and absorb negative ions.


Healing Spa Treatments for clearing toxins and igniting fat loss:

  • Infrared Sauna Therapies – Three 25-minute sessions harnessing infrared heat to promote perspiration, stimulate fat metabolism, and purify cells through detoxification.
  • Heart Opening Deep Tissue – a 60-minute massage to help release blockages, enhance circulation, reduce stress hormones, and boost oxytocin and serotonin for profound relaxation.
  • Gentle Release – 60-minute lymphatic drainage massage designed to relax your body and release excess fluids and toxins, promoting a healthier, more balanced state.
  • Abhyanga – 60-minute Ayurvedic massage with warm, herbal-infused oil. This therapeutic experience uses long strokes to alleviate stress, enhance blood circulation, refine skin texture, and deeply detoxify at a cellular level.
  • Udwarthanam – 90-minute advanced Ayurvedic therapy designed to stimulate and facilitate weight reduction.
  • Enema – 45-minute session aimed at eliminating residual waste from the colon, creating a clear pathway for the release of toxins during digestion.
  • Vibra-Pro Detox – 90-minute treatment designed to release trapped toxins, enhance blood circulation, promote weight loss, and induce relaxation.
  • Ionic Detox foot bath – two 60-minute sessions, aiding in the elimination of impurities and pathogens from tissues and cells.
  • Ultrasonic Cavitation Body Contouring 1-60-minute session to provide a comprehensive approach and help reduce localized fat, improving circulation and skin texture and promoting firmness.


Education and Tools for Continued Balance and Success:

  • Wellness cooking classes - Experience two tailored 45-minute culinary sessions in the heart of our kitchen, where you'll master the art of crafting delectable, anti-inflammatory dishes, empowering yourself with the knowledge to nourish your body with wholesome, health-boosting foods.
  • Naked Challenge Guidebook
  • Naked Challenge Workbook
  • Naked Challenge Recipe Book


Recommended and available upon request:

  • Introspective Workshops - a collection of one-on-one introspective workshops designed to further support mental well-being. More details here.