Woman enjoying the nature near Retreat Costa Rica

Tours & Excursions

Costa Rica is vast with adventure and experience and is known for its biodiversity, natural environments and peaceful culture. We have curated a host of local on and off property excursions to enhance your experience in Costa Rica. Guided by people who know the history of the region and have knowledge of native animals and plants, each of these tours will enrich your time in this beautiful country. 

All tours and excursion prices do not include 13% Costa Rican taxes and gratuity. 

La Paz Waterfall Garden and Poas Volcano near Costa Rica

La Paz Waterfall Garden and Poas Volcano Adventure

A favorite tourist destination. 
This is one that consistently gets rave reviews. La Paz is a favorite, for its beautiful butterfly gardens, amazing wildlife, and three of the most gorgeous waterfalls in Costa Rica. You will see Sloths, Monkeys, snakes, and Costa Rican frogs. We have designed our tour to make your visit to Poas and the Waterfall Gardens as relaxing and restful as possible, after breakfast at The Retreat the guests enjoy a 90 minute drive through Old town Palmeres and Grecia experiencing some Costa Rican culture and passing through some of the most beautiful agricultural lands of the country.

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Closeup on a Crocodile captured in River Tour at Costa Rica

Crocodile River Tour

A truly unforgettable adventure.

Cruise on the Tárcoles River by boat and get close to a man-eating crocodile. The tour begins with a 60-minute drive through Old town San Mateo and Orotina down to the river’s edge and to a farm where the tractor will guide you through the wildlife and farm animals. The 15-person boat will greet you at the river’s edge and the tour will be interactive while observing abundant exotic birds and other jungle wildlife such as iguanas, basilisks, mangrove crabs, and more.

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Aerial view of Manuel Antonio National Park near Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio National Park

The coastline and a National Treasure. 

Immerse yourself in Costa Rica’s tropical paradise as you hike the Perezoso trail through the depths of Manuel Antonio National Park. Keep your eyes peeled while the wildlife gets up close and personal as you meander through the rainforest, eventually making your way to the coast where the tranquil white sand beach awaits. Our tour concierge will leave the hotel at 8 am for a short 40 min drive through Orotina where he will stop on the side of the road to quench your thirst with fresh coconut water from a local stand. The first stop is the famous “Bridge of the Crocodiles” in the Tarcoles River, where we’ll get out and see some of the largest man-eating reptiles.

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Close portrait of a Lady by a horse near Retreat Costa Rica

Vista los Sueños Adventure Park

Imagine what it’s like to hang from trees like monkeys.

Los Sueños is the premier adventure park of the Central Pacific of Costa Rica. Fill your day with fun and activities and experience an adventure getaway. On the road to Los Suenos, you will enjoy stunning views of the mountains, and a quick visit to the Tarcoles River, where you will have the opportunity to see and take pictures of crocodiles in their natural habitat; some of them measuring up to 19 feet long.

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Food preparation in Atenas Culture Tour near Retreat Costa Rica

Atenas Culture Tour

A walking tour through the town and meeting Locals.

Costa Ricans are known for their grace and kindness, immerse yourself in the sweet elegance of their culture. Enjoy a half-day visit in Atenas- rated one of the best climates in the world according to The National Geographic Society. The tour begins with a stroll through the immaculate, palm-lined Central Park followed by a visit to a local church and the ‘Catuca’, the house of tourism that walks you through a photographic history of Atenas town.

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Beach Play Date & Surfing Adventure near Retreat Costa Rica

Beach Play Date and Surfing Adventure

Who doesn’t love a day at the beach?

Jaco Beach is a world-class surf destination and is one of the first beaches of the Central Pacific of Costa Rica to be awarded for its sustainable development and tourism practices. Our tour concierge will leave the hotel at 10 am for a short 40 min drive through Orotina where he will stop on the side of the road to quench your thirst with fresh Coconut Water from a local stand. The first stop is the famous “Bridge of the Crocodiles” in the Tárcoles River, where we’ll get out and see some of the largest man-eating reptiles.

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A Lady relaxing in a natural pool near Retreat Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano, La Fortuna and the Adventure

A customized all-day experience in the Rainforest.

It is a full day of a volcano, hanging bridges, giant waterfalls, and relaxing and mineralizing hot springs. Wake up bright and early and spend the day with our tour concierge in the rainforest.

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Coffee beans by a cup of brewed coffee at Retreat Costa Rica

Coffee Plantation Tour

A must-do excursion for coffee lovers!

El Toledo is a family-run gourmet coffee plantation and roaster dedicated to promoting a natural and harmonious approach to boutique coffee farming and distribution. Available only at local farmer's markets or served at Atenas locales, when reviews around the world boast about the coffee in Costa Rica, this is exactly what they are talking about.

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Lady holding vegetables at market near Retreat Costa Rica

Farmers Market

Tour the Local Harvest and discover the inspiration for our chefs’ menu.

The Costa Rican culture and lifestyle is the starting point to get ready for the cooking class with our Chef. Your visit to the Local Farmer’s Market of Atenas will help you to familiarize yourself with the local products, discover new flavors, and also to know more about the techniques of our Chef to choose the products we use in our kitchen. 

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Close up on a hanging sloth in zoo Ave near Retreat Costa Rica

Zoo Ave

A Zoo to remember, discover Costa Rica’s wildlife, close enough to touch.

Entering the Zoo, you are welcomed by the beautiful and boisterous Macaws, and if you reach out, they may shake your hand. Zoo Ave is a non-profit organization, managed by the Nature Restoration Foundation and dedicated to the conservation of Costa Rica’s wildlife for more than 25 years.

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Low angle shot on lady under crystal waterfall near Costa Rica

The Crystal Waterfall River and Gold Mine

Plunge into the crystal-infused waterfall of Altos Del Monte

Hike and swim in one of the wonderful crystal infused rivers of Altos Del Monte. The River Union known as “Las Minas” was once a thriving gold mine as the minerals of the soil in Altos del Monte have provided abundance to historic miners, and up today many local people still goes here to have a relaxing time immerse in nature.

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A Lady smiling by a water stream near Retreat Costa Rica

Nature Hike

Supercharge your energy by exploring the crystal quartz mountain.

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