Vista los Sueños Adventure Park

Imagine what it’s like to hang from trees like monkeys.

Los Sueños is the premier adventure park of the Central Pacific of Costa Rica. Fill your day with fun and activities and experience an adventure getaway. On the road to Los Sueños, you will enjoy stunning views of the mountains, and a quick visit to the Tárcoles River, where you will have the opportunity to see and take pictures of crocodiles in their natural habitat; some of them measuring up to 19 feet long.

​At Vista Los Sueños Adventure Park, you will begin with one of the best Zipline Tours in Costa Rica, eat a typical Costa Rican lunch and then choose between a fun horseback ride to the cascade falls or an ATV ride through the jungle, a very invigorating and full of action-adventure in the tropics, crossing rivers, muddy roads with beautiful viewpoints. Leave the hotel at 8:30 am and will return at 5:00 pm in time for dinner at The Retreat.

​Duration: Full day (7.5 hours)