Atenas Culture Tour

Food preparation in Atenas Culture Tour near Retreat Costa Rica

A walking tour through the town and meeting Locals.

Costa Ricans are known for their grace and kindness, immerse yourself in the sweet elegance of their culture. Enjoy a half-day visit in Atenas- rated one of the best climates in the world according to The National Geographic Society. The tour begins with a stroll through the immaculate, palm-lined Central Park followed by a visit to a local church and the ‘Catuca’, the house of tourism that walks you through a photographic history of Atenas town.

​You will visit the private home of “Cecilia” who will receive you with a big smile and a hug then show you how to make delicious corn tortillas the Costa Rican way. She will also show you how to make coffee the old-fashioned way. Visiting the locals and getting to know the culture is what true travel is about. The tour concierge will leave at 10 am and return in time for lunch at The Retreat. 

Duration: 3 hours