Nature Hike

A Lady smiling by a water stream near Retreat Costa Rica

We invite you on our daily guided hike to invigorate your senses, ignite physical, mental, and spiritual well-being while enjoying the surrounding beautiful landscapes. Our 5k walk is a journey down the slopes of the hotel's crystal mountain which has a palpable energetic impulse.

This will take you through our organic coffee plantation, over the mountain pathways with vast views of the ocean and peninsula, into the jungle, and down to the river where wooden swings hang from giant trees. Your guide will note the flora and fauna and specifically point out our family of white-faced monkeys and occasional sloths, and white-nosed ‘Pizote’. You can also note the variety of indigenous plants and trees of our Costa Rican landscape and pay particular attention to the numerous species of birds that adorn the valley.

Difficulty: Moderate- high
Duration: 1:30 - 2 hours