The Path to Wellbeing

Workshops, Practices, Therapies & Ceremonies

Dr. Shaveta Jasra


With a mission to awaken the soul by promoting holistic and alternative healing, Dr. Shaveta Jasra has a methodology, which complements The Retreat’s own philosophy, combines diet management, yoga and chakra healing along with mental health counseling for self-discovery and self-reflection.


Dr. Larry Trott


Dr. Larry Trott, is a renowned energy medicine specialist, qigong healer, and teacher, has dedicated his life to promoting wellness and raising consciousness for over 50 years.

Karla Rodriguez


Karla started as a Yoga practitioner in 2011 and was certified as an instructor in 2014. To date she has not stopped learning, and has taken various certifications in aerial yoga, integral yoga, Thai massage, sound therapy and vibrational therapies.