Beach Play Date and Surfing Adventure

Beach Play Date & Surfing Adventure near Retreat Costa Rica

Who doesn’t love a day at the beach?

Jaco Beach is a world-class surf destination and is one of the first beaches of the Central Pacific of Costa Rica to be awarded for its sustainable development and tourism practices. Our tour concierge will leave the hotel at 10 am for a short 40 min drive through Orotina where he will stop on the side of the road to quench your thirst with fresh Coconut Water from a local stand. The first stop is the famous “Bridge of the Crocodiles” in the Tárcoles River, where we’ll get out and see some of the largest man-eating reptiles.

Then we head towards Playa Hermosa beach where we will stop for lunch at Bowie’s Fresh Seafood Restaurant which sits right on the beautiful sand. After lunch we will go directly to Jaco for some beach time, relaxation or a surf lesson, you may walk around the artist community and do some souvenir shopping or maybe sip a drink and watch the sunset. You will return back to The  Retreat for dinner.

Duration: all-day