Dr. Shaveta Jasra
Chakra Healing Course

Chakra healing course is designed to help you understand about how energy centers regulate our body. This course will help you learn about health issues associated with each chakra and how to heal your body through these energy centers.

Benefits: Learn about energy centers in the body, purpose of chakras, blockages in the body, learn about health issues associated with each chakra, how to heal each chakra.

7 days course / 60 minutes each session / $810 USD

*Must book all sessions


CEB- Conscious Energy Breathing

Benefits: Reduce stress, anxiety, anger, depression, increase energy levels, boost immune system, increase self-awareness, increase self-love, improve sleep, reduce pains, release toxins from the body, release trauma/ fear stuck in the body.

45 minutes / $100 USD


Anger Management

Anger is an emotion which gets triggered due to various reasons. It can have a negative impact on a person's life when not processed. This session will give you a real image behind anger and you will be able to free yourself from anger right after the session. If you feel you are an angry person who easily blows-up or short temperedness is your second nature, then this session is for you. Before having this session, write down about your anger issues in a diary, any episode of anger that caused danger or threat to anyone, did any incident make it worse that you regret till now?

Benefits: Release anger, mind map to understand the root cause of anger, how to deal during harsh situations.

60 minutes / $135 USD


Life mapping

Every person on earth has some mission and purpose. Life mapping sessions will give you clarity about your purpose and the streams, hobbies or skills you need to opt in life to become fully aware of your potential and innate resources and how to make the right use of those in your life to find your zest for living. Are you curious to know about your personality and what you are meant for?

Benefits: Knowing your personality, know your life purpose.

2 days session / 60 minutes each / $270 USD

*Must book all sessions


Bittersweet- knowing oneself!

It is a bitter truth of life that we are all somewhat lonely in life, but it is sweet when we start knowing ourselves deeply and get connected to our true self. The purpose of all emotions we face is to become tuned-in with our own unique impressions.
Connection implies harmony. It is easy to assume that loneliness would be completely absent of harmony. Imagine that good and evil are opposites and that they cannot co-exist, but that there is an additional entity that would demonstrate what is needed in bringing together both good and evil toward a common goal that is greater than both of them. That goal can be called oneness, the ultimate form of connection. If you fear loneliness, you need to understand what causes it and the solution is within the fabric of loneliness.

Benefits: What is loneliness? Why do we feel lonely? Creating a haven (connection), more for releasing heart trauma.

3 days session / 60 minutes each / $405 USD

*Must book all sessions


Take Your Power Back

A need is something necessary for living and a want is something that improves the quality of your life. Do you know what your needs and wants are? This session will help you categorize different sections of your life to set priorities and make powerful decisions.

Benefits: Clarity about needs and wants.

60 minutes / $135 USD


Happiness Index

It has become so hard nowadays for so many to find happiness without any reason. We always search for reasons to be happy which are usually dependent on materialistic possessions or others. Happiness should be our second nature and part of our daily practice routine. Do you want too always be happy? Discover 26 easy ways to be happy.

Benefits: Learn different ways of creating happiness without effort.

90 minutes / $200 USD


Neurobics are mental exercises designed to create new neural pathways with the help of the senses in unconventional ways to improve functionality. It helps in improving nerve impulses and linkage between various brain patterns.

Benefits: For mental health, to increase cognition and brain function (includes activities).

2 days session / 60 minutes each / $270

*Must book all sessions


Emotional code

Emotions have a strong influence on our daily lives. E-motion is energy in motion. We make decisions based on our emotions such as happy, sad, angry, bored, and we also choose activities based on them. By tuning and recognizing our emotions, we can become more self-aware & more mindful so that we can respond differently, thoughtfully and more effectively.

Benefits:What are emotions? How can we handle our emotions in day-to-day lifeWhat are emotions? How can we handle our emotions in day-to-day life.

60 minutes / $135 USD


Self-love course 

The desire to be accepted, loved, cared for, respected, seen and appreciated by others comes from lack of self-awareness. Do you love yourself enough that you prioritize yourself even when you find it difficult?  If you do not, then this session is for you, and you are not alone. Do you desire to feel alive, complete, and content no matter what is going on in life? This course will help you change your perspective and find unconditional love. 

Benefits: the desire to be accepted, included, wanted, valued, appreciated, have our needs met and be loved no matter what we do or don’t do, by calling this: the desire to be loved no matter what.

7 days session / 60 minutes each / $810 USD

*Must book all sessions


Mental Detox

How to maintain mental hygiene and prioritize peace in your life? This session brings you instant clarity about how you can organize your life by decluttering all the excess mental-emotional baggage that makes your system heavy and dense.

Benefits: Become peaceful.

60 minutes / $135 USD


Stress Buster 

Effective stress management treatment helps you break the stress patterns which will lead to a happier, healthier, and more productive balanced life. The goal of this session is to provide insights about how to find stability in your relationships, work, relaxation and fun so that you can tackle day to day challenges in your life head on. 

Benefits: Release stress, better sleep, weight control, better mood, better social life.

2 days session / 60 minutes each / $270 USD

*Must book all sessions


7 dhatus 

The Ayurvedic system of medicine follows a rational and scientific method for treatment and growth and the existence of the human body depends on ‘7 dhatus’. These seven dhatus are composed of panchamahabhutas. When there is disturbance in the equilibrium of these dhatus, it results in the manifestation of disease. Understanding deeply about these 7 dhatus can have a great impact on life and can help you prevent various disorders.

Benefits: To understand our body and how it works according to your system.

2 days session / 60 minutes each / $270 USD

*Must book all sessions