Valerie Starbuck's Biography

January 28 - February 28, 2023

For the past thirty five years, Valerie has been deeply committed to educating people off all ages to understand how to address and honor their body’s in a wholistic integrated way. Valerie’s innovative and intuitive approach to healthy movement, has helped many of her clients reclaim their body’s inner guidance, their postural and movement awareness, often relieving chronic pain in the process. Together with a proper knowledge of functional anatomy, she blends movement with imagery, sensory awareness, touch and sound to bring multi-dimensional transformation to form, function and depth of embodiment. It is of the upmost importance to Valerie that her students find themselves continually in discovery, encouraging the evolution and deeper comprehension of things that may have previously appeared as one dimensional. Along with such discoveries, her students and clients learn to appreciate the   magnificence of human form and not to take it for granted, because it is a different body everyday. Come play and ignite your curiosity, aliveness and well being.

Valerie is also a  gifted certified sound therapist and sound bath practitioner.

Private Sessions with Valerie:

Functional movement through integrated awareness (60 or 90 minutes)
Sound Therapy session (60 minutes): This therapy will help you Increase immunity, Recalibrate the Autonomous nervous system, Bring a deep sense of well being and relaxation and Realign the Chakras