Katie Bennett's Biography

June 1 - July 15, 2023

Katie creates a safe, welcoming, loving environment that welcomes all walks of life by focusing on healing the mind, body, and spirit in a holistic approach. She is yoga teacher with a background in Personal Training and Reformer Pilates. She has education on the body and alignment, yet teaches through non-judgmental sensation based ques. When moving your body through a series of postures, Katie reminds you of your breath allowing an opportunity to feel a deeper connection with your body. Tying in her background of physical fitness, her Vinyasa/Hatha style tends to be bit more athletic. Going deep on your healing journey with mindfulness and spirituality, she offers unique story telling in class connecting you to different aspects of yourself and always reminding you that you are your body’s best teacher!

Privates Session with Katie:

  • Transformational Breathing Techniques/Meditation
  • Integrated Somatic Releasing Therapy 
  • Foundational Yoga Poses
  • Nervous System Regulation 
  • Ecstatic Dance/Shaking Practices 
  • Yoga Philosophy (Studies of Yogic Principles) 
  • Pilates/Personal Training Session


**Private sessions has an additional value**