Erica Wood's Biography

July 06 – 27, 2024


Yoga is brand new for me every time I step onto my mat. It has been this way since 1994, when I walked into my first Kundalini yoga class. I was blessed to practice with/study under the amazing Krishna Kaur. I was further blessed when I got the opportunity to study/practice Hatha/Vinyasa Flow with Shiva Rea. I felt like I'd found my yoga home when Vinnie Marino subbed her class one day a few years later. I understood that I had only touched the very surface of all that yoga is when I studied/practiced at Sivananda’s ashram in Delhi, India and at other ashrams throughout India while I lived/worked there. I only hope that I honor all of my many teachers when I teach. I am ever grateful to/for Beth Filla of YogaWood for guiding me on the journey toward receiving my 2nd teacher training certificate. 

I have held space for (taught) yoga in Los Angeles, Brazil, Philadelphia, and New Jersey. I am honored and humbled by the opportunity to teach at The Retreat