Dhyani Bella's Biography

March 2 - April 13, 2024

Dhyani Bella is a celebrity yoga instructor, sound healer and certified life coach.  Some of her clients include Diddy, Karrueche Tran, Nike, Edition Hotels, First Aid Beauty, The Mayfair Group and more.  Yoga is a natural fit for Dhyani, whose parents practice yoga and whose name means “one who sits in meditation”.  Dhyani trained with Karen Russell in Los Angeles where she received her 200 hr RYT.  She is a certified sound healer and trainer, a certified life coach and a Reiki practitioner.  Observing that her life has come full circle, Dhyani has found peace in the practice of yoga. She finds joy in sharing this method with others.

Dhyani is the founder of Eka Wellness, providing sound baths, breathwork, and yoga classes for all levels. Eka means “one” in Sanskrit, and the offerings at Eka Wellness are designed to help seekers realize oneness in mind and body. This unity leads to love, strength, and purpose: wellness.

Private Sessions with Dhyani:

  • Self Car / Self Love Sounbath: $195 USD ($150 teacher + $45 hotel)
  • Private Foundational Yoga Class: $130 USD ($100 teacher + $30 hotel)
  • EFT Tapping Session (30-45 mins): $130 USD ($100 teacher + $30 hotel)
  • Chakra Workshop: $130 USD ($100 teacher + $30 hotel) (learn all about your body’s energy centers and each of their properties and ways to balance and heal). 
  • Guided Meditation and Pranayama Workshop: $130 USD ($100 teacher + $30 hotel) (come relax and take a guided intuitive journey with essential oils, guided imagery, crystals and breathwork).  
  • Manifestation Workshop: $130 USD ($100 teacher + $30 hotel) (learn to release limiting beliefs, blocks and learn to manifest your desires). 


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