Angie Holzer's Biography 

November 18 - December 30, 2023

Dr Angie Holzer is a leading expert in yoga for mental health. She received her yoga certification in Rishikesh, India from Yogi Dinesh in 2016, where she specialized in Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga. She is trained in Ayurvedic Philosophy, a natural system of medicine, and adapts that into her practice. Dr. Holzer taught yoga, meditation and mindfulness classes at Stanford University from 2017-2021.

She is Yoga for Mental Health Certified from Stanford University, where she also became certified in trauma-informed yoga, adaptive yoga, and yoga for cancer survivors. She specializes in helping people adapt yoga into the healing process when dealing with trauma, depression, anxiety, and other areas of mental health.

Private sessions with Angie

  • Basics of Yoga for Mental Health 
  • Basics of Yoga
  • Meditation & Mindfulness 101
  • Learn how to breath
  • Yoga for Anxiety or Stress 
  • Yoga for Depression

**Private sessions has an additional value*