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Detox Menu

Savor Fresh, Organic Local Flavour

Giving your digestive system a break from traditional solid foods allows your body to free up the energy required to break down and digest those foods and redirect that energy to ignite powerful detoxification throughout your entire system.  With a simple menu of juices, fruits, soups, and steamed vegetables, your body will be flooded with vital micronutrients, designed specifically for your body allowing it to quickly absorb these healing and nurturing vitamins, minerals, and enzymes into the bloodstream. Your body will quickly learn to love and embrace the healing energy of these foods. ​

Here is an example of our Signature Detox menu based on a seventeen-day stay:

Day One: Meet with our Naked Challenge Expert to collect all your information and perform a pre-evaluation of your needs and goals.
Days 2-5: Enjoy juices to clean your body specific to your health conditions.

Days 6-10: The initial days of liquid-only fasting gradually transcends to a fasting where liquid and fruits are consumed throughout the day.

Days 11-12: Freshly prepared salads are added along with juices and fruits.

Days 13-17: The diet gradually changes to steamed vegetables and then to the anti-inflammatory food served at The Retreat to prepare you for living well at home.

Close up on the Detox menu at Retreat Costa Rica
Close up on a plated dish in a restaurant at Retreat Costa Rica
Close up on plated fruits on a table at Retreat Costa Rica
Close up on plated deserts on a table at Retreat Costa Rica
Close up on Detox menu on a table at Retreat Costa Rica