Cynthia Ibañez Biography 

In House Yoga Instructor | Dec. 17th, 2022 - Jan. 28th, 2023

She holds space for rest, slowing down, embodied movement, and soul care practices that connect us to our inner wisdom, intuition, and self-healing, moving us from thinking and doing into feeling and being.

Yoga nidra guide certified both with Tracee Stanley and Chanti Tacoronte-Pérez as well as with Jana Roemer. Certified yoga teacher with 1000+ hours of education and teaching, specialized in stress, burnt out, chronic fatigue, yoga for arthritis, yoga for cancer, and pain care aware.

15 years dancing (contemporary, dance improvisation and contact improv) and currently enjoying free movement practices. Yoga therapist in training in the practicum stage, a student of ayurveda, an energy healing practitioner. An ever learning soul.